About Us

Who We Are:

We are a micro business centered around a pretty cool fundamental idea; we hope to bring great coffee without the waste.

I was an avid K-cup drinker who with every cup felt more and more guilty about the legacy of trash I was leaving my children. I felt the coffee was superior to my old drip brew and that justified my coffee K-cup collection.

I knew there was a better way to get great coffee without having to build a new kitchen for all my advanced equipment.

I met with my friend and we started digging. We were looking for a way to bring great coffee to the home without having to invest in high tech equipment.
We came across manual coffee mills. There wasn’t a better way to get personal with my coffee then to crush my beans and feel them dissolve releasing the most amazing aromas.

My K-cup machine broke down (of course) and I pulled out my old Mr. Coffee, 17 years old and still kicking. And I was sold. I’ve never had better coffee at my house than that cup.

What We Want:


We want people to have options.

Great coffee deserves to be in every coffee lovers home. For the price of 15 black coffee Venti coffees, you can have as much fresh ground delicious coffee in your home as you wish. We want…

No lines

No traffic

No paper cups

No waste

We don’t even need electricity.

Honestly, we want to transform you from a coffee drinker to a coffee lover.

You like what you like. We don’t want to change that, we want to empower you. We want to give you options.

We have big plans so stay tuned…